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NWAAAE Internship Program

The Northwest Chapter has an Internship Program in place which offers member airports in our region financial incentives to support the concept of internship programs.

The guidelines for this program are:

    The Chapter will consider awarding $1,000 to $1,500 per intern.
    The airport’s internship program design should be structured to provide significant benefit to both the airport and the intern. Six months of full-time employment is optimal, with shorter periods considered if the airport has a good program laid out for the intern.
    It is expected that the airport will use the Chapter’s contribution as matching funds for salary or training, rather than as the only salary for an otherwise unpaid intern.

Airports interested in obtaining money from the program should fill out the 2020 Internship Application Form and submit it to the Internship Committee Chairperson c/o the NWAAAE Chapter no later than April 15th.

The Internship Committee will evaluate all requests and notify the airport if the internship has been approved for funds no later than May 15th.

Download a 2020 Internship Application here

For more information regarding this program please contact Linda Tepper, Executive Secretary at or (541)539-8580. 


A Former Intern's Perspective
by Kristin A. Schuman

Kristin Schuman, Operations Supervisor with the Burbank-Glendale- Pasadena Airport, and former Airport Management Intern for the Cheyenne Airport, shares her views of the Internship Program:

As a former Airport Management Intern for the Cheyenne Airport, I look back on my experiences and realize the importance for the existence of such programs. The knowledge I gained as an intern provided the "real world" experience I needed to move ahead in the aviation industry which is saturated with eager graduates, all with the hopes of obtaining an entry-level position with an airport. It seems the only way to have the advantage over other candidates is through an internship. Airports now seem to be seeking applicants that are not only aviation graduates, but someone that has had the opportunity to apply their education in an actual airport setting.

Following my internship at the Cheyenne Airport, I was offered an Operations Agent position with the Midland International Airport. I held this position for three years and recently accepted a position as an Operations Supervisor with the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport. I believe that the experience and knowledge I received as an intern has played a significant role in my career growth in aviation.

As an intern, I was exposed to both operational and administrative functions. I participated in airfield operations, construction and public relations. This knowledge has been applied in both of the positions I have held since my internship and will be utilized throughout my aviation career.

It is my view that the continued existence of internship programs is imperative in this fast paced and competitive industry. These programs are invaluable!!

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