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NWAAAE Annual Conference
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2017 Annual Conference ♦ September 12 - 15 ♦ Eugene, OR

Wednesday, September 13th

Workshop:  Disaster Preparedness – What’s Your Role?

    Speaker:          RJ Steenstra, AAE / President & CEO / Fort McMurray Airport Authority [presentation]

    Speaker:          Josh Bruce / Director / Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience [presentation]

    Speaker:          Kevin G. Holman, CEM / Emergency Manager / City of Eugene [presentation]

    Speaker:          Brig. Gen. Mark Crosby / Commander, Joint Domestic Ops. Command / Oregon ANG [presentation]

This is a professional development opportunity to help brush up on your disaster skills by learning from those who have been through the worst. Come learn from people with real world experience (Hurricane Katrina and Fort McMurray wildfire) and experts in the field on lessons learned and what you should be doing to be prepared.

Thursday, September 14th

Session 1: AAAE Update

    Speaker:          Scott Brockman, AAE / Chair / AAAE        

    Speaker:          Todd Hauptli / President & CEO / AAAE    


Session 2: Managing First Amendment Activities & Related Advertising at Airports

    Speaker:          Lisa Drake / Commander / Port of Seattle Police

    Speaker:          Daren Griffin, AAE / Director, Airport Operations / Port of Portland

    Speaker:          Brian Werst / General Counsel / Spokane International Airport


We are currently experiencing a time of political divisiveness in our country and many groups are seeking to advocate for their interests by using airports as a focal point.  Whether the issue is relatively new like the travel ban or an ongoing socio-political issue in the local, state, region or world, airports have been tested by groups seeking to exercise First Amendment rights on the property as well as through advertising.  This session will offer perspectives on both the operational and legal/managerial techniques used to address these issues and provide helpful recommendations for attendees seeking to be better prepared to address these issues at their airports.

Session 3: The Changing Face of Regional Air Service

Speaker:          Noelle Fredrickson / Manager, Network Planning / Alaska Airlines [presentation]

Speaker:          Trina Froehlich, CPA / Senior Air Service Consultant / Mead & Hunt, Inc. [presentation]

Speaker:          Daren Griffin, AAE / Director, Airport Operations / Port of Portland [presentation]

The focus of this session will be the hot topic of the pilot shortage and impacts of the reduction in small regional jets on air service in the northwest region. Takeaways from this session will include tips for commercial service airports in our region on how to anticipate and perhaps mitigate the impact from these industry trends. New developments and current challenges in air service development will be covered as well. This is an expert panel, so bring your questions and concerns and be prepared for a robust discussion.

Session 4: Talent Planning for Airport Operations

Speaker:          Pete Higgins, AAE / Director of Airport Operations / Salt Lake City Dept. of Airports [presentation]

Baby boomers will soon be retiring and airports are all over the country are bracing for the impact of the retirement of some of the most experienced professionals in the field. This session will use case studies as attendees discuss the challenges and solutions for developing internal talent to replace the retiring workforce.

Session 5: Drones and Air Cargo – What’s in Store?

     Speaker:          Gina Ronzello / Vice President, Legislative Policy / Cargo Airline Assn. [presentation]

As the newest entrant into the national aviation system, drones have garnered significant attention over the past few years.  There are unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to drones and one particularly interesting area that’s impacted is the air cargo segment of the aviation industry.  From activity on Capitol Hill to potential changes to the air cargo supply chain, the latest updates that may impact everyone from the consumer to the airport operator will be presented. 

Session 6: Winter Operations - A New Normal?

     Speaker:          Sarah Demory, AAE / Airport Deputy Director, Operations and Security / Boise Airport [presentation]

      Speaker:          Mike Paterson, CM / Environmental Project Manager / Eugene Airport

      Speaker:          Ryan Sheehan, CM / Director of Operations & Maintenance / Spokane Airports [presentation]

The Pacific Northwest and many of the other states in the West had unusual snow storms this year that produced storm totals and in some places season totals above what would have been considered normal.  Using case studies from airports around the region and audience participation, this panel discussion will cover lessons learned and the ways that airports dealt with what may be the “New Normal”.

Friday, September 15th

Session 8: Airport Surface Surveillance Capability-The FAA’s New Surface “Radar”

     Speaker:          John Johansen / Mgr. of Eng., Env. & Planning / Ted Stevens Anchorage Int'l Airport [presentation]

This session will focus on the FAA’s Airport Surface Surveillance Capability (ASSC) program including information on what is ASSC; what airports are in the pilot program; pros, cons and limitations of ASSC; challenges Anchorage Int’l Airport  has experienced and FAA plans for the future.

Session 9A: NOTAM Manager Update

      Speaker:          Ken Swygard / Contract Support (NISC III) - Task Order Manager / Leidos Corporation [presentation]

This session will center on the NOTAM Manager system. Attendees can expect an update on recent or upcoming changes to the NOTAM Manager system; information regarding the automation of Construction Notice Diagrams; an update on the Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment and Runway Condition Assessment Matrix functions of the NOTAM Manager system; and information regarding the migration of the U.S. NOTAM System to the Federal NOTAM System.


Session 9B: AAAE OSPEM Committee Topics Update

      Speaker:          Larry Krauter, AAE / CEO / Spokane Airports


Session 10: Protect Your Airport

      Speaker:          John Johansen, AAE, PE / Mgr of Eng, Env & Plan / Ted Stevens Anchorage Int'l Airport [presentation]

      Speaker:          Gary Logston, AICP / Senior Planner / RS&H, Inc. [presentation]

      Speaker:          Dan Sprinkle, AAE, ACE / Vice President of Operations / Denver Int’l Airport [presentation]

Protecting your airport includes many different aspects – compatible land use, RPZ zoning, and working with local and multiple jurisdictions.  It is not a simple plan drawing exercise.  Effective detailed preparation and moreover proactive implementation will determine whether you have success stories or headaches as communities grow.

Session 11: Public Art in Airports - The Passenger Experience

      Speaker:          Isaac Marquez / Cultural Services Director / City of Eugene [presentation]

      Speaker:          Colleen McPoland / Aviation Art Program Manager / Sea-Tac Int'l Airport [presentation]

      Speaker:          Jeff Petry / Parking & Technology Manager / City of Eugene [presentation]

Public art displays, temporary exhibits and performing arts all enhance the passenger experience at airports. Often the airport public art program takes the back seat to more pressing issues, but art programs can be used to engage, stimulate and define your airport. This panel showcases public art programs in airports, including the artist selection/ RFQ process and Public Art Master Plans.


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