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President's Message

Lawrence J. Krauter, A.A.E., AICP


One of the commitments that I have made during my service as your President was to ensure that all of our financial resources were being maximized for the long-term benefit of the Chapter membership.

 We have made excellent progress in the past few years by:

  • Pre-Paying 5 years of Minimum Obligation to the AAAE Foundation so that Chapter members and their families can participate in the Scholarship program. 
  • Establishing a formal Operating Reserve account that protects a minimum of 6-months of funds and conservatively invests those funds to gradually build the Operating Reserve over time so that it will appreciate in value to at least a one-year average budget equivalent amount.
  • Realigning the investment mix of the Chapter’s endowment fund to drive greater investment income to support and grow Chapter scholarships.

While we have made excellent progress, there remains an unrestricted cash balance of approximately $60,000 that we need to address in order to achieve the goal of allocating the funds that we have been entrusted with to achieve Chapter goals and objectives.

During the conversations about our options to invest the remaining funds, it became clear to me that a Mission, Vision and Values process would provide a ‘North Star’ to aid in decision-making about all Chapter goals and objectives.

In March 2016, we held a retreat with Chapter Officers and Board members along with several Past Presidents of the Chapter.  With the assistance of an expert facilitator, we developed the Chapter’s Mission, Vision and Values (click here for full report).  

I am pleased to make this work product available to you for your consideration and input.  We still have some work to do and that is where you can play an important role.  I challenge you to think about why we have a Chapter and what its purpose should be and what the Chapter should look like and how we will define its success in the immediate time frame and in the long-term.  It would be very helpful if you could put your thoughts into writing and send them to Linda Tepper at and she will coordinate the delivery of comments to the Chapter Officers and Board for further consideration.

I want to thank the Chapter Officers, Board members and Past Presidents, including two Past AAAE Chairs, for offering their collective wisdom and energy to this process.  I also want to thank all of you in advance for your thoughtful consideration and response to this request.  Together we will continue to build the best Chapter for our existing and future members!




P.O. Box 1054
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
P: (541) 539-8580

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